Controlling access to the conference

In general, the Host uses the same conference link for all conferences. In order to discuss confidential information, the Host may want to add a PIN to the conference or lock the bridge so no new Participants can join. At other times, the Host may just want to remove a specific Participant from a conference.

Conference access

On Desktop, the current access to the conference can be determined by looking at the lock icon on the conference console toolbar or clicking on the lock icon and looking for check marks on the menu items.

For iOS, current access to the conference can be controlled using the toolbar in the expanded Participants panel. For Android, current access to the conference can be controlled using the More options menu.

Managing the conference PIN

On Desktop, the Host can set a PIN after starting a conference or in advance prior to a conference. The Host can even use a different PIN for an ongoing conference.

On Mobile, the Host must set up a PIN in advance in Settings > Conference because they cannot change the PIN during a conference.

Removing a Participant

In some instances, the Host may want to remove a conference member from the conference without ending the conference.

Controlling the entry and exit chime

Collaboration conferences can be set up so that a chime is heard each time a conference member joins or leaves a conference. The chime can be set up in the Collaboration Management User Portal or it can be enabled and disabled during the conference. This section explains how to enable and disable the chime during a conference.