Hosting a conference

The Host is responsible for inviting people to a conference as well as starting a conference. The Host can invite people either in advance by scheduling a conference using a calendar app, or immediately during a conference.

It is a good idea to review your conference settings before starting the first conference. The settings can be accessed from:

These settings determine whether the Host is required to join the Collaboration conference in order for other conference members to use the bridge, or whether the conference requires for a PIN to join.

Scheduling a conference

A scheduled conference is useful when you want to book the conference time with conference invitees in advance and for setting up recurring meetings. Conferences are scheduled using your default calendar application.

Starting a conference

The Host can start a conference in several ways. The Host must use the Bria client (rather than web browser) in order to start a conference.

Using the on-screen phone - Desktop

You can start a conference directly from the on-screen phone.

Using the dial pad - iOS and Android

You can start a conference call from the dial pad.

Using History

If you previously hosted a conference, you can start a conference using History.

Using Messages

You can start a conference from an IM or a chat room. With this method, Bria posts your conference link in the IM or the chat room, which reminds people to join your conference immediately.

You can also start a conference using a link from a previous invitation if you sent one using messaging.

You can start a conference by clicking the conference link you previously copied into an email or a message.

Inviting conference members during a conference

The Host can invite conference members at any time during a conference using the conference console. You can invite conference members by instant message, by email, or you can copy the conference link and send it by some other external method.

You can use more than one method to invite people to your conference. This might be useful if you can send an IM to some of the invitees but you only have the email address of others.

If a person knows the conference link, they can join a conference without the Host sending an invitation.