Introduction to Collaboration

Collaboration, also known as Virtual Meeting Rooms, is a cloud-based service hosted by CounterPath that combines audio, HD video, screen sharing, messaging, and presence in one virtual meeting.


In order to host a conference, the Host must have a subscription which includes the Collaboration feature. The Host should ideally use the Bria client to start a conference so that they have full access to the conference controls.

In order to share your screen, the Bria Desktop client is required.


Anyone can join a Collaboration conference.

  • If they already are Bria users, they can use their Bria client to join a conference from Bria.
  • If they have never used Bria, they can download the guest client on their device to join a conference. If downloading the client is not possible, they can use a web browser or dial into a conference.

Guest web browser requirements

Guests can use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to join a conference.