Joining a conference as a guest

Even when you do not subscribe to one of the CounterPath solutions, you can join a Collaboration conference as a Guest, using the guest client, a web browser on your computer, or by dialing in.

When you join a conference, you may enter the conference immediately or you may have to wait until the Host joins the conference. This depends on the Host's conference settings.

Using the guest client

It is recommended to download the guest client to join a conference. It is free of charge to use the downloaded client for joining someone else's conference. Plus it allows to send application logs to Support for troubleshooting.

The guest client needs to access your microphone and camera for a conference.

Using a web browser

If you choose not to download the guest client on your device, you still can join a conference using a web browser on your Windows or Mac computer. Browsers on mobile devices are not supported.

Use one of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Make sure your browser is up-to-date.

By dialing in

With this method, you use a phone to listen and speak during the conference. No video available. Other conference members only see your phone number, not your name.

To view screen share, you need to use a web browser. See here for details.