Sharing your screen

Collaboration allows a Presenter to share their screen during a conference call. When the Host initially joins the Collaboration conference with Bria for Windows or Mac, the Host is the Presenter. The Host can make a desktop Participant the Presenter instead. The Presenter uses the conference toolbar to share their screen. If you need to stop sharing your screen during the conference, you can do so without ending the conference.

Sharing your screen

As the Host, you can share your screen with other conference members.

If the Host makes you a Presenter, you can share your screen with other conference members. After the Host makes you the Presenter, you see the screen sharing button on the conference toolbar.

  • If you want to use multiple monitors during screen sharing, connect the additional monitors before starting the screen share.

  • Bria shares your full screen or an application of your choice. Make sure you close any apps that contain confidential information if you are planning to share your entire monitor.

  • When using macOS 10.15 Catalina, Bria needs a permission for Screen Recording in order to share your screen. Allow Bria the permission if a pop-up appears or by going to Mac's System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy.

Switching screens to share

You can switch the screen share to a different monitor or application without ending the conference.