Conference history - Desktop

All Collaboration conferences joined using Bria are captured in Bria's History. Conferences that were joined using a web browser do not show in Bria's History. Conferences are grouped in History by the conference Host.

View conference details

If you were the Host of a conference, the History group is titled Hosted Conference and displays Host. If you were a Participant in a conference, the History entry is titled Conference and displays Participant.

With the "Conference" filtered applied, Bria displays Conferences you have hosted and attended.

When you click on a conference group, Bria displays all the conference entries for that Host. The list automatically shows the last 20 conferences with the most recent displayed at the top of the list. If you need to see even more conference, click Show All.

The expanded group displays whether the conference was a Voice Call, a Video Call, whether there was screen sharing, the length of the conference, and the date and time for each conference.

The expanded Conference entry displays Conference information.

For conferences that you hosted, a Start button appears when the group is expanded. Start a new conference by clicking Start.

The "Start" button appears on an expanded "History" entry for a conference you hosted.

For conferences that you were a Participant in, a Join button appears when the group is expanded. Join a new conference with this Host by clicking Join.

The "Join" button appears on an expanded "History" entry for a conference you attended.

Filter conference history

You can filter calls in History into All, Missed Calls, Conference, Recordings, and Date. Recordings can be further filtered into All, Conference, and Call.

Search History

You can search for a specific conference call using Search History. If you do not use Filter Options, Bria displays all calls and conference calls that match your search terms. If you use the Conference filter before you type in your search terms, you will only see conferences that match.

Delete History entries

The shortcut menu can be used to delete one conference group or all conference History entries. You can also delete all History using the shortcut menu.