The settings in Preferences apply to conferences that you are hosting. To access the conference preferences, click Softphone > Preferences (Windows) or Bria > Preferences (Mac). Choose the Conferences panel. You can also access Preferences from a conference you are hosting by clicking the lock icon and clicking Manage PIN/Passcode.

When you make changes in Preferences, the Collaboration Management User Portal is updated with the changes.

Preferences Window

On Windows, "Conferences" is in "Softphone" > "Preferences".On Mac, "Conferences" is in "Bria" >" Preferences".

In conference

Settings in the Conference console


If you want your conferences to require a PIN for conference members to join, enable Require PIN/Passcode. With Require PIN/Passcode enabled, you can set the Participant PIN you want to use for the conference. This Participant PIN applies to conferences that are joined while this setting is enabled.

If you enable Require PIN/Passcode or change the Participant PIN after you send a calendar invitation for a conference, the PIN applies to upcoming scheduled conferences but the PIN is not updated in the previously sent invitations. Make sure to update the invitation or send the PIN to conference invitees in some other way.

When conferences start and end

A conference can start only when the Host arrives or it can start when any conference member arrives. If you set Conferences on my bridge start to Only when the host joins, you can also set the length of time that a conference can continue after you have left the conference.

If When any participant joins is selected for Conferences on my bridge start, the Host is not required to join. This is useful when the Host is unavailable for a recurring conference.

If Only when the host joins is selected for Conferences on my bridge start, the Host must join the conference in order for other conference members to be able to join. The Host should join the conference promptly as the conference will not start until the Host arrives.

Conferences on my bridge start :

  • When any participant joins.
  • Only when the host joins

and end _________________ after the host leaves

  • 1 minute
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes

When the overrun time is reached, conference members hear a message that the conference has ended.

Join Options

Enable the following options.

  • Mute microphone when joining
  • Mute speaker when joining