Collaboration Management User Portal

Use the Collaboration Management User Portal to configure settings for the Host's conference bridge. To open the Collaboration Management User Portal, click Collaboration on the resource panel and click Conferences.

Open the "Collaboration Management User Portal" by clicking "Collaboration" on the resource panel.

If you do not see Collaboration on the resource panel, go to the View menu and select Show Collaboration.

Windows: "Show Collaboration" is on the "View" menu.Mac: "Show Collaboration" is on the "View" menu.

The Collaboration Management User Portal consists of two options: Configure Settings and Conference Records.

Configure Settings is used to configure the default settings for conferences where you are the Host.

Conference Records provide information on conferences that you hosted in the past.

On Windows, you can detach the Collaboration portal in to a separate window by clicking Detach window. Click Move back to main window to move the Collaboration portal back into the Bria softphone.

"Move back to main window" is on the "User Portal".