Collaboration (Virtual Meeting Rooms)

Available in: Teams Pro

Not available in: Solo (Free), Solo, Teams Standard.

Collaboration, also known as Virtual Meeting Rooms, is a cloud-based service hosted by CounterPath that combines audio, HD video, screen sharing, messaging, and presence in one virtual meeting.

As long as your subscription includes Collaboration, you can host a collaboration conference using the Bria client on desktop and mobile devices.

Anyone can join your collaboration conference using desktop and mobile devices. They have a choice to use the Bria app, use a browser, or dial in.

Hosting a collaboration conference

  • Make sure to use a desktop device if you want to share your screen.
  • It is a good idea to set a participant PIN for your conference for improved security.

Step 1: Set a PIN to join your conference

  1. Click Softphone > Preferences (Windows) or Bria > Preferences (Mac).

  2. Choose the Conferences panel, then enable Require PIN/Passcode and enter a number.

Step 2: Invite people to your conference

  1. Click Start or schedule a conference on Bria.

  2. Click Schedule a conference….

    "Schedule a Conference" in the "Start or schedule a conference" menu

  3. Add invitees, and set time.

    The PIN you set earlier appears in the invitation.

  4. Send the invitation.
Alternatively, you can click Copy Conference Link to Clipboard and send the link in the way you prefer. Don't forget to include the PIN to join your conference.

Step 3: Start a conference

  1. Click Start or schedule a conference on Bria.

  2. Click Start a Conference Now.

    The conference console opens.

  3. To share your screen, make sure you close any applications that contain confidential information.
  4. Click Start sharing your screen.

    Participants see your screen. A yellow bounding box outlines your screen as a visual cue to show what is being shared.

    If you have two monitors, the yellow bounding box only appears on the monitor that you are sharing. To switch monitors to share, click Select the monitor that you want to share.

For more details, see Collaboration User Guide.