Managing a screen share session

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams Standard, Teams Pro (Legacy).

Not available in: Solo (Free), Solo.

Handling an active screen share session

Once you start sharing your screen, Bria shows the screen share panel below.

Call panel during screen share

From this panel, you can temporarily pause screen share, switch the screen to share, invite more people and end screen share.

The screen share link is unique to you. The same link will be used until you generate a new link. This allows you to send the link for recurring sessions.

Sometimes you will want to share your screen with a person one time — a customer in another organization — and you may not want them to be able to join in future sessions. In this case, you can generate a new link when you end your one-time session or before you send out your next invitation.