All calls are captured in Bria’s call History.

Call type icons

Incoming call

Incoming call answered on another device - Appears when Call History Sync is enabled for the account.

Outgoing call

Incoming call recorded on this device

Outgoing call recorded on this device

Blocked call - Appears when Call Blocking is enabled.

Missed call

Viewing call information

History provides a basic list of calls which can be filtered by All or Missed. If your administrator has enabled Collaboration, you can also filter calls by Conferences. You can also view more detailed information for an individual call.

The filters are displayed in "History".

Call grouping

Calls captured in Bria's history are grouped by name and caller ID. The caller ID can be a phone number or a SIP address, but will be referred to as phone number. The group can be expanded and collapsed to show or hide the individual calls in the group.

You may see more than one group for a person if there were calls from other parties between calls. If a person has called you from multiple numbers, you may also see more than one group of calls for them.

Collapsed group display

The collapsed group displays an overview of call information: the name and presence status of the caller, the types of calls, and the time and date of the most recent call.

"History" shows calls in groups.

Expanded group display

The expanded group shows a list of recent calls between you and the person. The most recent calls are displayed at the top of the list. In addition to the information displayed in the collapsed group, Bria also shows the time and date, and the length of the call.

The expanded "History" entry shows the individual calls from the contact.The expanded "History" entry shows the individual calls from the contact.

Call History Sync

With Call History Sync, when a user enables their SIP account on multiple devices, the user sees a consistent call log history on all of their devices. For example, a user answers a call on a Windows computer, then sees on an iPhone that the call was answered on another device.

Deleting an entry from Bria's call log history results in deleting the entry from all the devices.

The information on whether a call was recorded, as well as the audio files of the call recording will not be synced; the red icon indicating that the call was recorded appears only on the device used for recording. Other devices still show the call log entry without the red icon or access to the audio file.

Deleting calls from History

You can delete a grouped entry, missed calls, or all calls from History.

When you delete a call entry with recording from the History tab, the associated audio file will also be deleted from your device.