Sending files

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

Send and receive files with your team members as long as they are online.

The received files are saved on your device, under Bria folder. Note that the files are not synced between your devices if you use Bria on multiple devices.

Deleting the file transfer message from the IM conversation on Bria does NOT remove the file from the device. Use a file manager app to remove the file if desired.

Giving Bria a permission

The first time you use file transfer, you need to give Bria the permission to access your device's external storage.

Permission request to use the device's internal storge

Sending photos, videos, files

Send photos, videos and files to your XMPP contact who is online. To send multiple files at a time, all the files must be located in the same folder.

The recipient must accept the files for the transfer to start. If you send multiple files at a time, the recipient must accept or decline all of the files for the transfer to start.

If you put Bria in the background during a file transfer, the transfer is paused until you bring Bria back to the foreground.

Receiving files

If you have an XMPP account enabled, another person with an XMPP account can send you files. The file transfer notification appears on Bria or in the notification center if Bria is in the background.

Canceling a file transfer

You can cancel a file transfer as either the sender or the recipient. As the sender, you can cancel the transfer before the recipient accepts the transfer (your screen shows Waiting) or while the transfer has been accepted but before the transfer is complete.

Once the file transfer has been accepted by the recipient, the progress screen may be too quick to actually see the progress.

To cancel a file transfer, tap Cancel.

The sender sees Transfer Failed and the recipient sees Transfer Declined as the transfer status.