Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

There are two types of messages in Bria - instant messages (IMs) and chat rooms.

  • IMs are messages that you send to an individual team member.
  • Chat rooms have multiple members and allow you to send messages to all the members of the room. The messages each member sends are seen by everyone.

You can see chat rooms with either the All or the Rooms filter selected in the Messages window. You can see IMs with either the All or the People filter selected in the Messages window.

The "Messages" window.

If you do not have an XMPP account registered and enabled, there are no filters in the Messages window.

The "Messages" window without an XMPP account.

You can use emoticons and formatting in your IM's and chat rooms. Use Ctrl+B for bold, Ctrl+I for Italic, and Ctrl+U for underline on Windows. Use Command+B for bold, Command+I for Italic, and Command+U for underline for Mac.

By default, Shift+Enter (for Windows) or Control + Enter (for Mac) inserts a new line in a message and Enter sends the message. You can modify this behavior in Preferences > Application panel: Messages & Presence.