Sending and receiving instant messages

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

Sending an instant message

Instant messages (IMs) can be sent from the Messages window, the Contacts panel, the Favorites panel, or from an active call.

Set the action for clicking Enter while typing a message in Preferences > Application panel: Messages & Presence.

Sending an IM from the Messages window

From the Messages window, you can start a new IM, send another message on an existing IM conversation, or send an IM to a member of a chat room.

When you send an IM using New Conversation, you may see Add a Favorite. This only shows up if you have added a person to Favorites.

Sending an IM from the Contacts or the Favorites panel

From the Contacts or Favorites panel, you can send an IM using the shortcut menu or using click-to-message.

Sending an IM from an active call

From an active call, you can send an IM using More options for handling this call (Windows) or More options (Mac).

If Preferences > Application panel: Messages & Presence > In messaging, pressing Enter will: is set to Send the message, you can use Enter instead of clicking Send Message.

Receiving an instant message

When you receive an IM, the Messages window opens or a notification appears. To control the type of notification, go to Preferences >Alerts & Sounds (Windows) or Preferences > Alerts (Mac) .

Windows 10 interactive toast notification

You can type your response directly into a Windows 10 interactive toast notification or you can click on the notification to open it in the Messages window.

You can type your reply in the Windows 10 toast notification.

Windows 7 and Mac notifications

You click on the Windows 7 or a Mac IM notification to open it in the Messages window.

A new message can appear as a Windows 7 style notification.Banner style notification for an incoming IM