Account settings

There are two ways of configuring BriaAccount Settingsand Preferences. Account Settings are settings that only apply to an individual account. Preferences are settings that apply to Bria as a whole.

This section describes Account Settings. Account Settings shows all of the accounts currently set up. From this window, enable and disable additional accounts set up by your administrator. Click Softphone > Account Settings (Windows) or Bria > Preferences > Accounts (Mac) to view Account Settings.

Bria Teams

The accounts are view only and set up by your administrator using the Bria Teams Portal.

Bria Solo

This is view only. To change the configuration, go to Bria Solo Portal so that the changes will be provisioned to all of your devices.

Selecting default accounts

If you have multiple SIP accounts, you can select your preferred SIP account from Account Settings.

The Call column

The Call column shows how the account is used for calls.

The Status column

The Status column indicates the registration status of each account.

Selecting your preferred account for calls

Preferred account for calls only appears when you have more than one SIP account. The preferred account is used if there are no dial plan rules being used to determine the outgoing account and you do not explicitly choose an account for the outgoing call.