Video conference calls

Use Bria for five-party video conferencing (you and four other participants) where you are the host. To use video conferencing, a video camera is necessary to allow the remote parties to see your image. Bria works with most USB video cameras. Video is sent to all participants in a conference call.

Including video in a conference call

When you start a conference call from established calls, video is automatically included if at least one of the established call includes video.

When you create a new conference call, video is not included. You (the host) must add video to the new conference call as participants do not have the ability to do so.

How video is shared

The conference host, the person who started the conference call, serves as the host for the video feed. The video that the host sees is automatically sent to all participants.

If the conference host pauses or stops the video, the other participants no longer receive video.

One person does not have video

Participants that have video see Video beside their name. If there are any participants that do not have video, the host must stop and start the video.