Ports, IP addresses, firewall rules to allow on your network

Provisioning / Stretto core services

IP addresses

  • is our own Class C network / IP range for our primary location. We suggest customers open up outbound access to this range.
  • is our own Class C network / IP range for our secondary location.

DNS Names

The DNS names associated with the services are:

  • login.softphone.com (for client provisioning)
  • sip.softphone.com (for Team Voice SIP media and signaling)
  • im.bria-x.com (for Team Messaging). This name will be deprecated in 2020.
  • im.softphone.com (for Team Messaging) This replaces im.bria-x.com
  • logging.softphone.com (for user services)

  • hda.softphone.com (for Help Desk Assistant)
  • sync.bria-x.com (for the Sync service)
  • screensharing.softphone.com (for screen sharing)
  • uem.bria-x.com (for gathering call statistics)
  • docs.counterpath.com (for documentation)


Push servers hosted by CounterPath

Collaboration servers hosted by CounterPath