Starting out with Bria Portal

Bria Portal is the management tool for Bria Solo and Bria Teams.

One of the advantage of using Bria Portal is that you configure once and it applies to all of your devices; i.e., no need to configure every time you get a new device. You just log in, and all the information gets provisioned to the new device.

Bria Portal lets you access all you need for communicating using Bria, such as:

If you are subscribing to Bria Teams, you, as an administrator, can do the following using the Bria Portal for your team.

The "Team Members" page.

Where to start

If you have not signed up for Bria Solo or Teams, follow these steps to sign up and get started.

For Bria Teams

For Bria Solo

Additional resources

If you find that you need additional resources on using Bria, please refer to the CounterPath Support Center.