Accessing voicemail

Voicemail is offered through your VoIP service provider or through your enterprise’s IP PBX. It is not part of Bria. Contact your VoIP service provider or your system administrator for information on using voicemail. If your service includes voicemail, an administrator for your Team can set up voicemail options to access your provider's voicemail using Bria.

Team Voice does not offer a voicemail service. An administrator on your team can set up the number to call to access voicemail on your additional SIP account if an additional account supports voicemail.

Listening to voice messages

When you have a new message, an icon showing the number of messages shows on Voice messages (Windows) or Voice Mail (Mac) if Bria has been set up with the number to call to check voicemail. If it has not been set up, contact your service provider to find out how to access voicemail.

Multiple SIP accounts

If you have multiple SIP accounts registered, clicking the Voice messages (Windows) or Voice Mail (Mac) button reveals the number of messages for each SIP account. Click the account that you want to hear the messages from.