Getting started

Creating a Bria Portal account

Users need to create their Bria Portal account on the Bria User Dashboard before logging into Bria.

For Bria Solo, a Bria Portal account is created when you sign up for the solution.

For Bria Teams, the administrator of the team creates the team and sends you an email invitation to join the team. Use the link in this email to create your Bria Portal account.

See Managing your Bria profile for more information on the Bria User Dashboard.

Launching Bria

On Windows, your computer must have the root certificate installed in order to access the Stretto server from the client. Normally this certificate downloads automatically. If this fails to happen, you can manually force Windows to download the certificate.

Open Internet Explorer and go to This will prompt Windows to download the correct root certificate. Make sure to use Internet Explorer. Using a different browser will not work.

Giving permissions to Bria (Mac)

When using Bria with macOS Mojave or higher, Bria needs some of these permissions in order to access certain functions. Bria asks permissions for:

  • Notifications: For incoming calls and messages.
    See Configuring OS notifications to set up the type of notification.
  • Contacts: For displaying your contact list within Bria.
  • Microphone: For phone conversations.
  • Camera: For video calls.
  • Screen recording: For screen sharing. Required for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Allow Bria a permission if a pop-up appears.

If you have recently updated to Mojave from a previous macOS version, or you find that you do not have outgoing audio or video during calls, or you have issues integrating your Mac Address Book contacts, you may need to update the permissions in System Preferences.

Minimizing Bria

If you click Minimize to system tray (Windows) or the red close button (Mac), Bria does not actually exit, it is simply minimized to the system tray (Windows) or the dock (Mac) but continues running in the back ground.

Exiting Bria

When you are ready to stop using Bria, you need to exit Bria. If you simply close the Bria on screen phone, Bria continues to run in the background.