Allowing API access

Occasionally, another application, such as Jabra Direct, Plantronics Hub, Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro, or Yealink USB Connect, requests access to Bria. You have to grant the application access to the API either manually or automatically, depending on your settings in the Security tab in Preferences > Application.

To view the Security tab, go to Preferences > Application, and click the Security tab in the middle of the screen.

The "Security" tab is on "Prefences" > "Application".

Allowing access automatically

To allow or deny access to third party applications requesting access to the Bria API, set When an application requests Bria API access to either Allow access always or Deny access always.

Allowing access each time

If you have When an application requests Bria API access: set to Prompt to allow access each time, a notification appears in Bria.

Changing API access

You can manage the API access for applications that have previously been allowed or denied.