This topic covers common errors as well as how to send a log to Customer Support.

Use the Troubleshooting window in Bria to make sure your headsets and speakers are working without having to actually place a call.

Troubleshooting common errors

Using Bria diagnostics

If you have contacted CounterPath Customer Support in order to troubleshoot a problem, you may have been asked to generate a diagnostic log report and send it to CounterPath.

You may be asked to generate a packet capture, which capture the network traffic on your computer, in addition to a log report. Packet capture is not supported over network changes, such as changing from a wired network to a Wi-Fi network. When you generate a packet capture, you also create a log report.

While packet capturing is in progress, all network traffic on your computer is captured. All other applications that generate network traffic should be shut down or suspended before starting packet capture to avoid complex filtering of network traffic during analysis and to minimize privacy concerns.

Bria displays the reference number of previous logs. You cannot view the previous logs but the reference number could be helpful when you are talking to customer support. The customer support representative can view the previous logs and can use the reference number to find the correct log.

."Previous Log Reports" are on the "Troubleshooting" window.