Sending and receiving chat room messages

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

Sending a message

Once you have created or joined a chat room, you can start sending messages.

A chat room message cannot be deleted or unsent; take a moment to make sure you are sending it to the right chat room.

Seeing someone else is typing

You will see an indication in the chat room message area when someone is typing a response.

Receiving a message

Your chat room notification settings determine the type of alert you see when there is a new message on a chat room.


If you want to get the attention of a room member, you can use mentions. The person that is mentioned sees an indicator beside the chat room in Rooms.

The new mention displays on the chat room in the "Rooms" list.

The name of the person mentioned in the messages is highlighted.

The name of the person mentioned is highlighted in the message.

You can use @Everyone to send a mention to all members of a private chat room and all active members of a public chat room.