Joining a chat room

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

There are two types of chat rooms - public and private. Anyone can join a public chat room. You must be invited to join a private chat room. Bria automatically accepts the invitation to private chat rooms.

When you join a chat room, all the messages from the room are available to you. You can continue to scroll through and download the message history until you see No more messages.

Joining a private chat room

In order to join a private chat room, you have to be added as a member. You automatically join the room when the Room Owner invites you and the private room shows in the Rooms section of the Messages tab with a dot to indicate it is new. If you leave a private chat room and want to rejoin, you need to be invited to the room again.

Android phone: A new indicator appears on the chat room and on the "Messaging" badge.Android tablet: A new indicator appears on the chat room and on the "Messaging" badge.

Joining a public chat room

You can join existing public chat rooms that were created by one of your team members. Anyone in a public chat room can invite people to join the room. The invitation is sent as an IM to each person invited.