Push notifications

Your Team Voice account is push enabled. There are no push settings for your Team Voice account.

If your administrator set up an additional SIP account, this information applies to the additional SIP account.

Bria offers Bria Push Service to users to allow users to receive incoming calls when Bria is in the background or exited.

When you use the Bria Push Service, your account configuration is stored on CounterPath’s push notification server. The data is securely transmitted in accordance to our Privacy Policy. In order to use the Bria Push Service, you must accept the Bria Push Service agreement.

Enabling push notifications

If the primary team member set up an additional SIP account, the SIP accounts have the Bria Push Service enabled by default. If the Bria Push Service is not enabled, use the following procedure to turn it on.

Testing push notifications

After setting up push on your SIP account, you can use the Test Push Service button to make sure that your device can communicate with the Bria Push server and that your device is able to receive push notifications from the Apple APNS push notification system. Your SIP account must be enabled in order to test push notifications.

You can also test push notifications by putting Bria in the background and trying to call it from another number. If you receive a notification of an incoming call, you have correctly set up the Bria Push Service.

Stop receiving push notifications

There are multiple ways to stop receiving push notifications.

For more detailed information of push notifications, settings, and requirements for using push, see Bria Push Service.