Advanced settings

If you make changes to the fields identified by a ▼, you must tap the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the screen or restart Bria.



Media Options



Voice Activity Detection

  • On: Audio is not transmitted when no one talking. Turning this feature on may reduce bandwidth usage.

  • Off (default): Audio is transmitted when there is no one talking.

Noise Reduction

  • On: Bria attempts to reduce background noise from your microphone. Typically on when you are not using a headset.

  • Off: Typically off when you are using a headset.


Account Registration Issues



Alert Push Notification Issue

This setting applies to registrations issues in which the Bria Push Server continues attempting to re-register. Even with the setting turn Off, Bria sends an alert for registration errors that can not be recovered from or if the Bria Push Server stops trying to re-register.

  • On (default): Bria sends notifications when the Bria Push Server is not able to register with the SIP server on behalf of Client. Bria also sends notifications when the Bria Push Server is able to re-registered with the SIP server. Bria sends alerts for the following errors:

    • 403: Forbidden
    • 408: Request Timeout
    • 480: Temporarily Unavailable
    • 500: Server Internal Error
    • 503: Service Unavailable
    • 504: Server Time-out

    See Request Failure 4xx or Server Failure 5xx for more information on these errors.

    Make sure that Bria notifications are enabled underiOS Settings > Notifications.

  • Off: Bria does not send notifications regarding push notification registration errors.

Application Logging



Verbose Logging

Leave this off unless Technical Support instructs you to turn it on to troubleshoot a problem you are having on your device. Troubleshooting.

Share Anonymous Usage Data

  • On (default): Bria sends anonymous usage data to CounterPath. It contains no personally identifiable information and is used to improve the quality and performance of Bria.

  • Off: Bria does not send anonymous usage data to CounterPath.

Call Statistics

Shows detailed information about the current/last call, such as the number of packets lost.

For an ongoing call, the statistics information refreshes every second.

  • Tap the Refresh button to stop auto refresh and present a snapshot of the most current statistics.

  • To enable auto refresh again, either long-press the Refresh button, or leave the statistics page and come back again.

Send Log

Tap to upload the current log to Technical Support. Troubleshooting.

Delete Log

Clears the content of the Bria log on the device so that the log starts over empty.