Placing a voice or video call

You can place a voice or video call from almost anywhere in the Bria app. If you know the number, you can place a call using the dial pad. If you do not know a number, you can place the call from Contacts, from History, or from a chat room.

Team Voice can be used to call other team members. If your team's administrator added additional SIP accounts, you can use these accounts to place calls outside of your team. When placing a call outside of your team, make sure the additional SIP account is selected as your dial out account.

To place a video call on additional SIP accounts your administrator has set up, Settings > Accounts (SIP) > Account Specific Features > Enable Video and Settings > Preferences > Enable Video must be on.

Using the dial pad

The dial pad can only be used to place voice calls. You can add video to the call once it has started.

Using Bria's contacts

Using History

You can place a call from History when reviewing calls. You can call from the grouped History entry or using the phone icon.

By default, Bria uses the SIP account that received the call as the dial out account. It uses the default/primary account if Default Account for History is enabled under Preferences. If the SIP account has been deleted, Bria uses the default account regardless of Default Account for History.

Using Messaging

You can call your team member from a chat room.


You can place an audio call to the last number you dialed.

Adding video to a voice call

You can add video to the voice call after the call is established.