Transferring a call

Calls can be transferred to a target in two ways. In an attended transfer, the first party speaks to the target before transferring the call. In an unattended (blind) transfer, the first party sends the call to the target without talking to the target in advance.

When you transfer a video call, the call is transferred as an audio call. Both parties can add video to the audio call.

You can only transfer a call from a team member to another team member. If your administrator has set up additional SIP accounts, you can only transfer calls from non-team members to other non-team members.

Attended transfer

In an attended transfer, you speak to the target before transferring the call. You can make an attended transfer from the dial pad, from Contacts, or from History.

Unattended transfer

In an unattended transfer, you do not speak to the target before transferring the call. If desired, you can put the call on hold prior to dialing the target. If you put the first call on hold and the target does not answer or declines the call, the remote party remains on hold with you.

Using the dial pad

Using Bria Contact's

Using Bria's History

You can make an unattended transfer from Bria's History using long-press or using the History icon.