Handling an incoming call

An incoming call appears in full screen or as a heads-up notification depending on your Preferences for incoming calls and the OS of your device.

Make sure you allow Bria to show notifications on your device. Go to Device Settings > Apps > Bria > Notifications.

If your administrator has set up additional SIP accounts, set up push notifications to receive calls when Bria is in the background or exited.

Some devices running Android Oreo only support text tones and not ringtones in Android notification channels. When you install Bria, the default ringtone is set to a custom distinct ringtone. If you are using a device that does not support ringtones and you choose a text tone, you can only go back to the Bria distinct ringtone by reinstalling Bria.

For Xiaomi MIUI 10 devices, you may need to Enable Sound in the native Android OS settings.

Tap the power button or turn the phone face down to silence the ringer and vibration without answering an incoming call.

Answering a second incoming call

A second incoming Bria call displays in front of the existing Bria call on Android phones. The second incoming call displays at the bottom of the screen on Android tablets.

Swapping between calls

When you have two established calls, you can swap between them.

The active call is displayed in Bria.

Using Call Reminder

When you decline a call, Bria gives you the option to set a Call Reminder if Preferences > Use heads-up notification for incoming calls is not enabled.

Handling an incoming native call

You can receive a native call while you are on a Bria call. The incoming native call is displayed as a notification in front of the existing Bria call.

Handling an incoming video call

When the remote party places a video call, you see their video on Bria when you answer the call. You can add your video, remove your video but continue to receive video, or you can remove all video and downgrade the call to audio only.

On an Android phone, the video controls auto-hide. If the video controls are missing, tap the screen to make them reappear.

See Handling a video call for more details.

Accessing the dial pad

You may need to access the dial pad during a call.