Preferences: Devices panel

This panel lets you select your Speaker and Microphone in Headset Mode and in Speakerphone Mode, and lets you select which device should ring, your Camera, and the maximum resolution for video.

Unless you have made changes in Devices, Bria automatically detects devices at each startup and selects the most appropriate device for audio and video. Your choices apply at the next start up unless the device is no longer in use, in which case, Bria will automatically detect the device to use.

On a new install, Bria uses your system default device for the speaker and the microphone.

Test Devices: Opens the Troubleshooting window.

Allow device integration: Enabled by default. Turn off if you have issues with your audio devices (such as headsets and speakers) and you are advised by Support to turn it off.

Enable echo cancellation: Reduces echo from speakers and headsets. Enabled by default.

When using a Jabra device, you need to select the device in Speaker and Microphone, rather than use Default Device or Default Communication Device.