Chat room members

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Teams.

Not available in: Solo.

Members of a chat room can see who is in the room. Anyone in the chat room can invite new members to a public chat room. The owner of the chat room can add new members to a private room. The room owner can also re-invite members to a private chat room and remove private chat room members.

Seeing who is in a room

As a member of a chat room, you can see who is in the room. Private chat rooms display everyone who is a member of the chat room along with their status. Public chat rooms display the room members that are currently online.

Seeing who the room owner is

You may need to find out who the room owner is so you can ask them to invite another person to a private chat room.

Adding new members to a chat room

You can add members to chat rooms using the chat room header or from the chat room settings.

Adding members from the header

Using the chat room header, you can add members to both private and public rooms. Only the room owner can add members to a private room. Both the room owner and members of the room can invite people to a public room.

Adding members from Settings

The owner of a private chat room can add additional members to a room from the room settings.

Re-inviting a member

If the owner of the chat room sends an invitation to someone who is using a version of Bria that does not support chat rooms, the member may not automatically join the chat room. Once they have upgraded their version of Bria, the room owner can re-invite the member.

Removing a member

The owner of a private chat room can delete members from the room. This could occur if the owner invites someone by mistake or if a person changes teams.