Placing an audio or video call

Place audio and video calls in Bria from the dialer, Contacts, Favorites, History, or Messages.

Bria has default actions for the call button and for double-clicking a contact. Set the default actions in the Preferences > Application: Default Actions.

Using the dialer

Enter a name or phone number in Bria's dialer to make a voice or video call from any tab on the resource panel.

Using redial

Redial a number by clicking Make a call or Make a video call or by using the List of recent calls.

Using Contacts or Favorites

Make calls on Bria using the click-to-call button, single-click, double-click, or the shortcut menu in Contacts or Favorites.

Using History

Make calls on Bria from History using Make a call, using the shortcut menu, or using the Contact Info flyout.

Making a call from the Contact Info flyout only works if the person is one of your Contacts. You may want to use the Contact Info flyout when the person you want to call is in History but you want to reach them at a different number than the one in History.

Using Messages

From the Messages windows, call the message sender or call a number in a message.

From Microsoft Outlook

If you are using Outlook integration with Bria, you can place calls directly from Outlook.

You can place an audio or video call from the mini-contact card to an Outlook contact that you have a phone number or softphone number for.

If a contact has more than one number, you can choose the number you want to call.