Transferring a call

Availability of this feature depends on the Bria solution you subscribe to.

Available in: Solo, Teams Standard, Teams Pro (Legacy).

Not available in: Solo (Free)

Transferring a call means you are in a call and you want to hand this call over to someone else (the target). Forwarding a call is something different; it means you redirect an incoming call to another number without answering the incoming call. Another number could be your mobile phone number, or someone else's number.

Two types of call transfer

There are two types of call transfers. A unattended or blind transfer occurs when you transfer a call without talking to the target – the person you are sending the call to. An attended transfer occurs when you talk to the target before transferring the call.

The Bria transfer button can be set with Transfer Now or to Call First as the default. You can set the default in the Preferences: Application panel

Unattended transfer

In an unattended or blind transfer, you transfer the call to the target without talking to the target first.

Attended transfer

Transfer the call to the target after speaking to the target.