Forwarding a call

Forwarding a call means you redirect an incoming call to another number without answering the incoming call. Another number could be your mobile phone number, or someone else's number.

Call forwarding can be handled by the call server, or the Bria softphone client. Configure just one of them, not both. You can also manually forward a call on the fly on each incoming call even when you haven't set up call forwarding.

Server-side call forwarding

If your VoIP service provider supports call forwarding handled by their call server, follow their instructions to enable it.

Client-side call forwarding

Client-side call forwarding works only when Bria is running and only if your VoIP service provider supports redirect. See Voicemail panel (SIP).

Forwarding a call manually

When you receive an incoming call on Bria, you can forward it instead of answering it. Calls show up as missed calls in History.