Handling an incoming call

Bria must be running to answer incoming calls. It can be running in the system tray. If Bria is not running, incoming calls may be directed to voice mail if you have this service. Check with your VoIP service provider or your system administrator.

When Bria is in the foreground, the call appears in the call panel in the Bria interface. When Bria is in the either the foreground or the background, you may also receive a notification for the incoming call depending on your settings. To receive notifications on a Mac, also set the system preferences.

Answering on the call panel

You can answer a call on the call panel or using the notification.

Answering notifications

In Windows, you will receive Windows 10 interactive toast notifications . In Mac, you will receive banner style notifications or alert style notifications.

To use Windows interactive toast notifications, you have to enable Use Windows notifications in Softphone > Preferences > Alerts & Sounds.

Related features

Here is a list of features and preferences related to incoming calls.

  • Display name on incoming calls

    You can set Bria to try to match your contacts and use the contact's display name for the caller ID if a match is found. If you prefer you can use the SIP call information. See Preferences > Calls - Caller ID.

  • Call blocking

    You can configure Bria to block certain numbers.

  • Call forwarding

    Instead of answering, incoming calls can be forwarded to another number.

  • Auto answer

    Instead of clicking on the call panel, you can configure Bria to automatically answer calls.

  • Call waiting

    Call waiting notifies you of a new call while you are already on another call.