Call audio

Bria can play audio through the iPhone and iPad, over the speaker phone (iPhone), or through supported accessories.

When a Bluetooth device is connected and Settings > Preferences > Native Integration is on, answering the call by tapping on the iPhone and iPad plays the audio through the iPhone and iPad. Answering the call by tapping a button on your Bluetooth device plays the audio through the Bluetooth device.

Turning on speaker phone

To turn on speaker phone, quickly tap Audio or Audio.

The "Audio" button with a headset or device speaker active.The "Audio" button with Bluetooth active.The "Audio" button with speakerphone active.

On your iPad, Audio may say Speaker if you have no other devices connected to your iPad.

The "Speaker" button with speakerphone active.

On iPad, you can even turn off/mute Speaker by tapping the Speaker if you want no audio being played at all - for example, you have another device in your room for the same call and want to avoid feedback. When you connect headsets to the iPad, Speaker mute is cancelled automatically; you hear audio via headsets. Speaker mute applies to all subsequent calls, not per call.

Switching audio output

To choose a different audio output option, long-press Audio, Audio, or Audio, and select your preferred audio output.

Muting calls

Mute calls by using the tool bars so your audio is not sent to the remote party.