Dealing with an auto attendant (Pause dialing)

You can use DTMF or pause dialing for auto attendant when you dial call or during a call.

Using DTMF when you dial a call

If you know that your call will be answered by an auto attendant and you know what menu items to choose, you can include those menu items (DTMF) in the phone number when you dial it.

DTMF dialing rules

  • You must include at least one comma before the first DTMF number.
  • You can include other commas. Each comma causes Bria to pause for one second before sending the next character.

To dial a number, add a 3-second delay and then press 44, enter this dialing string in the call entry field:


To dial a number, add a 6-second delay, then press 1 then 3 then 2, each with a two second delay, enter this dialing string in the call entry field:


You can save the number in this format in your Contacts. On iPhone, tap the symbol key on the bottom left corner of the numeric keypad to change between symbols and numbers. Use Pause to enter a , (comma).

Numbers on the dialpadSymbols on the dial pad

Using DTMF during a call

If an auto attendant requires you to press numbers during a call, you can bring up the keyboard and enter the DTMF digits.